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Information & Release Form

Martha Trotts is a dog walking and boarding business. The business is unique in that the dogs are walked as a pack and are boarded in a similar fashion within the home of Brenda Marchant – the owner of the business. The benefits of this open concept approach for the dogs and their owners has proven to be the main motivation for those choosing this service. Clients are asked to acknowledge their acceptance of this arrangement and while every precaution is taken to provide a secure and monitored service by submitting this form you are acknowledging this arrangement.

Please note that in the future if a client’s bill is not paid upon completion of the walk or boarding period Martha Trotts will retain the dog for 24 hours or until the bill is settled. After this period, allowing for extenuating circumstances or prior agreement with Martha Trotts, the dog will become property of Martha Trotts and relinquished to the OSPCA.

By submitting this form, you agree to allow your dog to be transported by car. (Most times transporting is not necessary). You acknowledge that Martha Trotts personnel may enter your home for the purpose of picking up/returning your pet and to transport your pet by car. Martha Trotts shall assume no liability for any illness or injury caused to your pet or to other persons, pets or property. In the case your dog displays any aggressive behaviour towards handler, other dogs, or patrons, you (being the owner) are liable for any damages and or injuries.  You agree that Martha Trotts (Brenda Marchant) is not responsible for loss or death of your animal while in their care.

You may fill out the General Information Form ONLINE here or DOWNLOAD and Print it out:

General Information Form

Here is also a required Veterinary Release Form in case your animal becomes sick for us to allow vet care.

release form