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Information & Release Form

Martha Trotts is a dog walking and boarding business. The business is unique in that the dogs are walked as a pack and are boarded in a similar fashion within the home of Brenda Marchant – the owner of the business. The benefits of this open concept approach for the dogs and their owners has proven to be the main motivation for those choosing this service. Clients are asked to acknowledge their acceptance of this arrangement and while every precaution is taken to provide a secure and monitored service by submitting this form you are acknowledging this arrangement.

Please note that in the future if a client’s bill is not paid upon completion of the walk or boarding period Martha Trotts will retain the dog for 24 hours or until the bill is settled. After this period, allowing for extenuating circumstances or prior agreement with Martha Trotts, the dog will become property of Martha Trotts and relinquished to the OSPCA.

By submitting this form, you agree to allow your dog to be transported by car. (Most times transporting is not necessary). You acknowledge that Martha Trotts personnel may enter your home for the purpose of picking up/returning your pet and to transport your pet by car. Martha Trotts shall assume no liability for any illness or injury caused to your pet or to other persons, pets or property. In the case your dog displays any aggressive behaviour towards handler, other dogs, or patrons, you (being the owner) are liable for any damages and or injuries.  You agree that Martha Trotts (Brenda Marchant) is not responsible for loss or death of your animal while in their care.

You may fill out the General Information Form ONLINE here or DOWNLOAD and Print it out:

General Information Form

Here is also a required Veterinary Release Form in case your animal becomes sick for us to allow vet care.

release form

Online General Information Form
  • Breed*Breed of Animal
  • Sex*
  • Spay/Neutered*
  • Pet's Name*
  • Address*
  • Phone*including area code
    Does your dog have proof of Vaccination?
    E.G. rabies, bordetella, parovirus?
    Does your dog have good recal?
    Has your dog ever displayed agression?
    Is your dog Food/Toy possessive?
    Has your dog ever bit a person or animal?
    Is your dog in any ongoing training?
  • How well does your dog respond to being walked on leash?*ExcellentOKPoor
    Leash rating
  • List of Commands He/She Responds to:*Please describe
    IS your dog afraid of thunder?
    Are you looking for your dog to be walked Monday-Friday?
    Food allergies?
    Does your dog dart (chase squirrels, etc.)
    Does your dog mark
  • Time of day preferred for walking*select just one
  • Feeding/Medication Schedule*Please describe in detail any medications and times to be given and your feeding schedule.
  • Manditory Pet Information
  • Flea & Tick Prevention

    In order to protect all the animals in our care and to prevent our dog play areas and boarding areas from Flee and Tick infestations, it is a manditory requirement that your pet be actively treated on a veterinary supplied flee and tick maintenance program. Proof by way of vet records will be requested.

  • Flee & Tick Prevention Program*
    Yes my pet is on a Vet supplied flea and tick program
    No my pet is not on a Vet supplied flea and tick program
  • 15
  • Is your dog ready for their walk?

    For a dog to be "ready for their walk" they a collar that fits them appropriately. In saying this there should be no way for the collar to come over their ears, or be able to slip off. The brand of collar you choose to use is truly up to you. Some suggestions are: martingale, slip chain, gentle leader, haltie, prong collar. Ultimately the choice is yours. Your dog is also required to have a 6 foot leash.
    If your dog does not have the appropriate attire upon pick up, a temporary collar will be used once for that particular day. You will be left with a notice that will inform you of what your dog needs for their next walk. If your dog does not have the requested attire upon pick up for next walk, your dog will not be walked and you will be charged the regular walk fee. Your dog may resume regular walks once he/she has the requested attire. If your dog doesn't have the requested attire, this puts your dog in potential danger of getting out of their collar, running into traffic, or running away. This is for EVERYONES SAFETY.
  • Date*make a booking
  • Your Name*By submitting your name you agree to our terms listed above
  • Email*a valid email address
  • Veterinary Release Consent

    In the event that your pet should become very ill or hurt and to protect the health of your animal we require your authorization to take your pet to the nearest Veterinary hospital in order to ensure that animals safety. You agree that the vet to be used is at the discretion of Martha Trotts (Brenda Marchant). to ensure the quickest care possible. You agree that any veterinary bills will be your sole responsibility. You agree that Martha Trotts (Brenda Marchant) is not responsible for the loss or death of your pet while in her care.
  • I heareby authorize Martha Trotts Dog Service to release my pet to the nearest veterinary care in case of emergency*select one or more
  • If No please state the Veterinarian that your pet can be realeased too.*something more
  • Date of Consent*
  • Terms and Conditions*Checking this box means you agree to the terms and contions outlined in this form and you assume all financial responsibility for any veterinary costs that may occur if your pet becomes injured or sick while in our care. This agreement becomes binding for this and any future time you and your dog use Martha Trott's service. You need only fill this out once.
    I Agree
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