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Pack Walks

Our pack walks consist of at least ten dogs per group. We take the dogs on a 10km route in the winter, and a 15-20 route in the summer, spring and fall.

Pack Walks serve two purposes – First it offers exercise and stimulation for dogs that would normally be left alone for eight hours or more a day with nothing to do; Secondly it provides a venue and training tool for socializing and training new dogs on proper pack behavior and communication, with the rest of the pack as mentors and the pack leader as guide.

01e34116b3edea633dd0a3e60edd850841b5e3d380 (Custom)Walking is an instinctual, natural activity for dogs that enables them to expel energy and stimulate both their mind & body.  A good walk can significantly tire and calm an excited, hyper or high energy dog. This will save your home from destruction caused by boredom as well as allow your dog to thrive as a balanced member of your family.

By expelling your dog’s energy, you are allowing him to better focus on you, which greatly aids in training. If your dog is wound up & excited, he is much more likely to be distracted and unable to keep his attention focused on you, whether you are teaching him basic manners or trying to teach him some cool new tricks.

Not only does walking or running provide physical stimulation, but exploring their surroundings with their senses is also greatly instinctual which will tire them out and keep their mind and body healthy and balanced.

Pack walks provide an ample opportunity for socialization. It truly is amazing to see the difference between taking your dog for an walk alone and taking him with a pack of 6 or more dogs. 1476264_1400778690163117_934862735_n (Custom)

When out for a walk, private or in a group, your dog will encounter other people, other dogs, perhaps other animals as well as noises and scents that they likely do not get to experience at home. This will inspire confidence in your dog, again helping him be more balanced and relaxed.
If you have a new puppy at home, chances are you aren’t able leave work numerous times a day to give her a potty break, feed her or keep her out of mischief.


  • $35 per day,  $10.00 for second.
  • Bracebridge Pick-up: Free
  • Gravenhurst Area: $7.00
  • Port Carling Area: $10.00
  • Bala Area: $12.00
  • All prices subject to HST

Pack Walks are available Monday to Friday from 6am to 5pm. No pack walks last week of September or last week of February.


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